Earlobe Surgery

What is ear lobe repair surgery?

Earlobes are often split by heavy earrings gradually enlarging a piercing over many years. On other occasions, when an earring is forcefully pulled the earlobe can split.

Repair is usually performed under local anaesthetic; is simple and re-piercing is normally possible within a few weeks.

Not normally funded treatment or procedure:

The standard repair of a split earlobe is considered to be cosmetic, and will therefore not be funded by the patient’s local NHS commissioning organisation.

Ear lobe repair surgery may be considered for funding due to a birth deformity or overgrown/ irregular scarring (keloid scars) or where there has been a traumatic injury to the ear lobe.

The clinician in charge of the care of the patient’s specific condition, usually a hospital doctor, can assist the application, if there is exceptional clinical need for the treatment to be funded. The patient’s clinician must evidence clinical exceptionality and must be
supported by the patient’s local NHS commissioning organisation.

See separate leaflet for more information on Individual Funding Requests (IFRs).

Advice and further guidance:

For more information search for ‘cosmetic procedures’ at

Treatment policy for patients covered by NHS Solihull, Birmingham CrossCity and Birmingham South Central Clinical Commissioning Groups.

Download the pdf leaflet here

Download the Treatment Policy Detail here.

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