Become an Antibiotic Guardian says Birmingham’s largest NHS commissioner

One of the largest NHS Clinical Commissioning Group’s in England is backing a Europe wide antibiotic awareness campaign to help people in Birmingham understand the issue of antibiotic resistance.
European Antibiotic Awareness Day (Wednesday November 18) will see Birmingham CrossCity Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) urging healthcare professionals and the public to sign up to become an Antibiotic Guardian.
Bacterial infections, the main reason people take antibiotics, can adapt and find ways to survive the effects of an antibiotic – they become ‘antibiotic resistant’. The more antibiotics are used, the greater the chance bacteria will become resistant to them and they can no longer be used to treat infections. 
The CCG is asking the people of Birmingham to think about the need to reduce unnecessary use of antibiotics and get involved in the campaign. To become an Antibiotic Guardian visit and choose a simple pledge about how you will make better use of antibiotics.
Dr Masood Nazir, a GP at Hall Green Health and Information Lead for Birmingham CrossCity CCG, said: “No-one is doubting that antibiotics are an important medicine. However, the more they are used the less effective they may become. This is because overuse of antibiotics gives resistant bacteria a greater chance to survive and spread.
“As a doctor myself, I would ask patients not be overly concerned if their GP doesn’t prescribe antibiotics as a first-port-of-call for coughs, colds or sore throats. For many people, the majority of these ailments will get better in time. Antibiotics should only be used when necessary, this will ensure that the effectiveness of these vital medicines is preserved.”

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