Local GP prescribes back to school tips to kick off a healthy school term for children

Dr Barbara King, from Birmingham CrossCity Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), gives some health tips and advice for parents whose children are returning to school after the summer holidays.
In the busy rush to get school uniforms, stationery and school shoes, parents with children returning to school this week will have a lot on their hands. Simple health tips after a long summer holiday break can be the last thing on parents’ mind which is why local GP, Dr Barbara King, has some simple advice for parents.


Here are Dr King’s top five tips to keep your children healthy as they return to school:
•Make sure your child has regular eye tests.  They are free for under 16’s and poor eyesight has a real impact on a child’s ability to learn in the classroom.
•Try and ensure that your child has a healthy breakfast and lunch.  Healthy eating is crucial for children’s development, helping to improve immunity and fight-off common illnesses, such as colds. 
•It’s never easy to prevent head lice, especially when children are in such close contact. But checking your child’s hair, on a weekly basis, is the best way to find new lice.  You can treat them by using regular conditioning and nit combing. 
•Backpacks are a popular option for older children and teenagers, but make sure they are fitted properly and aren’t too heavy to avoid back pain. 
•Make sure your child is up-to-date with their vaccinations to protect them against a range of serious diseases, such as measles and mumps. 
Dr King said: “As a doctor and parent myself, my advice to parents is to be aware of some simple health tips so your child is in the best possible health when they return to school, and while they are there.
“Along with looking after a child’s physical health, it’s important to think about their overall wellbeing.  Parents spending time and talking to their children about any worries or anxieties they have as they return to school, or starting a new school, which can be both a daunting and exciting experience.”
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