Guide for Parents and Carers of children from 0 5 common childhood illnesses page 001Every parent or carer wants to know what to do when a child is ill. The Guide for Parents and Carers of children from 0-5 - common childhood illnesses will help you to care for your child at home, to know when to call the GP and when to contact the emergency services.

Most of the problems you will come up against are simply an everyday part of growing up, which can be helped with a chat with your health visitor or midwife. Almost all babies, toddlers and children aged up to five will also get the most common childhood illnesses like chickenpox, colds, sore throats and ear infections. While these are not very nice at the time, they are easy to treat with a visit to your GP and then cared for at home.

This handbook has been put together with help from doctors. If you are worried you must get
further advice. Trust your instincts - you know your child better than anybody else. More often than not something that can seem quite serious, like a high temperature, can be put down to a cold, which can often be sorted out with a quick trip to your local pharmacy. It is so easy to panic and rush your child to Accident & Emergency (A&E) when they might just have a simple cough or cold which can be treated at home.

If you are worried, you must of course go and see your GP – but it’s worth finding out a little more about the common, everyday illnesses so you know what to do and where to go to get help.

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