Urgent Care

Urgent CareUrgent care is medical advice or treatment that you or a family member needs, which cannot wait for a GP appointment but is not serious enough to require a visit to A&E.

As the need for urgent care can happen at any time, we need to provide services in Birmingham which are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The local clinical commissioning groups– Birmingham CrossCity, Birmingham South Central and Solihull CCGs – are taking a collaborative approach to the commissioning of urgent care services locally, with Birmingham CrossCity hosting the Collaborative Urgent Care Team.

This will ensure that the impact of schemes we undertake in primary, secondary and social care will be felt across the whole urgent care system within the Birmingham and Solihull area.

Our aim is to develop an urgent care system which is safe, achieves good health outcomes, is easy to understand and use for all of our patients, families and staff.

There are significant pressures on the whole of the urgent care system, ranging from primary care to A&E and ambulance services. By working together we will improve the quality, efficiency and resources in our urgent care system to ensure a safe, high quality service.

As national and regional trends for urgent care admissions continue to rise; combined with the projected increase in long term conditions such as diabetes and respiratory problems such as COPD and asthma, we can see demand for unplanned care is one of the key challenges facing the NHS.

Therefore reducing the number of emergency admissions to hospitals and commissioning alternative high quality primary care solutions to hospital-based care is high priority for clinical commissioning groups.

With this in mind the Collaborative Urgent Care Team will be looking at ways to improve and develop urgent care and emergency care services, particularly through integration, with the aim of ensuring our patients are treated in the most appropriate medical setting and know what to do when they need medical help fast.

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