Safeguarding Adults

We all have a responsibility as members of our community to do something if we think someone is being abused. Abuse can only be dealt with and prevented if people can speak out and tell someone about their concerns.

The safeguarding adults duty applies to those who have care and support needs. This means that the person needs some sort of health or social care service to help them take care of themselves. 

It is important to tell someone if you think an adult with care and support needs is being abused. If the person is in a hospital or care home, you could talk to the person in charge of providing the care in the first instance as they may be able to deal with it appropriately there and then. 

How to report abuse

You should tell social services about your safeguarding concern no matter what setting the person is in. You can do this by phoning 0121 303 1234. If you would prefer to email you can do this here.

Useful information

Safeguarding info

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