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Our priority work programmes in 2015/16 include:

Primary care development

  • We will deliver improved outcomes for patients through the ACE Excellence programme and we will pilot new approaches to moving activity from the acute sector into primary care through the ACE Plus innovation programme
  • We will implement delegated primary care co-commissioning
  • We will continue to invest in and facilitate practices to create new models and networks of primary care to deliver enhanced services and improved access.

Joined up primary and secondary care

  • We will deliver three new models of care, including implementing the extensivist model in South Birmingham, creating an integrated acute and community team delivering urgent care at the A&E front door of Good Hope Hospital, and virtually integrating General Practice, community nursing teams, community mental health and secondary care in a partnership model in the East of the city
  • We will introduce a flexible system of referral support across the city which brings together primary and secondary care
  • We will work with providers to improve the cancer pathway, ensuring that NHS Constitution targets are met, by developing the role of primary care in managing this pathway alongside secondary care expertise
  • We will implement the Your Care Connected programme, with shared electronic patient records across Birmingham.

Urgent care

  • We will contribute to the reprocurement of the NHS 111 service that is being led across Birmingham by Sandwell and West Birmingham CCG. In particular we will contribute to defining the local pathways that sit behind the directory of services for Birmingham
  • We will consider and consult on the best model for accessible urgent care, considering first the rapidly changing primary care provision through the Prime Minister’s Challenge Fund and the emerging new models of care
  • We will lead the delivery of our Better Care Fund Plan, reducing emergency admissions in 2015/16 by 3.5%
  • We will develop and embed a full discharge to assess model, using recurrent winter resilience monies
  • We will negotiate an outcome based specification with our local hospices to ensure that more people can die at home, delivering an improved care pathway and experience for patients and carers.

Children’s and maternity

  • Through consultation with our members and the public, we will describe a universal offer of health care for children with acute, long term or complex conditions that meets their needs and joins seamlessly with other services for children in the City
  • We will develop a Paediatric Acute Medical Clinic model to avoid children being admitted to hospital when not necessary
  • We will mobilise the new integrated children and young adults 0 to 25 mental health service aimed at providing early intervention and speedy access to those who need support
  • We will support the Birmingham, Sandwell and Solihull project to identify and implement improvements to maternity and newborn care pathways through joint service development across the three provider trusts.

Mental health

  • We will work with key stakeholders to ensure that mental health services meet the needs of people aged 25 plus whilst achieving the national planning requirements
  • We will ensure that, by the end of 2015/16, in addition to providing IAPT services to at least 15% of our population, we meet the new waiting time standards for IAPT
  • We will develop a comprehensive primary care mental health service, which will enable people with mental illness to maximise their independence and maintain wellbeing through being supported to live in the community
  • We will implement the Crisis Care Concordat to develop a crisis management system for people with mental illness that is integrated into the urgent care system across Birmingham
  • We will develop an enhanced localised action plan for our dementia strategy which will ensure that services are provided to people and carers who are experiencing the effects of dementia with the intention of reducing the stigma, improving wellbeing and maximising independence.

Quality and access

Ensuring high quality care for all is a fundamental component of improving patient outcomes and experiences. Our Quality Strategy will deliver improvements in quality of care, clinical effectiveness, patient safety and patient experience, as well as encouraging workforce development and innovation and improvement across services.

Our programmes of work are focused on creating a supportive culture where best practice and learning can be shared across the city, as well as ensuring that provider contracts are managed robustly with a quality imperative.

You can read more in our Operational Plan 2016-17 or Summary Operational Plan 2016-17 and you can view our other strategic docments here.

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