Operational Resilience

The Operational Resilience and Capacity Plan (ORCP) describes what sustainable year-round delivery of health and social care services should look like in Birmingham.

It looks at how the system will respond during times of significant pressure and how it will cope with known challenges and to sudden increases in demand over and above anticipated times, such as Bank Holidays.

The Government has made £7.6 million available to the health enconomies of Birmingham and Solihull. The local CCGs have added £11.4 million to this to support a range of schemes that will enhance the resilience of the whole local health and social care system. Examples include the following:

  • Resources to enable seven day working in acute community hospitals - staffing, diagnostic and therapy services
  • Scheme to enable rapid assessment of elderly patients who arrive in A&E, to avoid admission to hospital and to better enable their discharge home
  • Having beds in the independent sector for patients who require additional support before returning to their place of residence

Maintaining quality and performance standards as demand and pressure on our services increase is of critical importance to us. Birmingham CrossCity CCG will be responsible for making sure these plans come to fruition and that they are closely monitored.

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