Assertive outreach teams

This service is for adults aged 25 upwards and supports people with severe mental illness through a recovery based model, providing appropriate therapeutic engagement in order to reduce hospitalisation and symptoms of illness, improving patients’ social functioning and quality of life. The criteria for service is shown below:

  • A severe and persistent mental disorder (e.g. schizophrenia and other major affective disorders) associated with a high level of disability
  • A history of high use of inpatient or intensive home based care (for example, more than two admissions or more than six months inpatient care in the past two years)
  • Difficulty in maintaining lasting and consenting contact with services.

The assertive outreach teams will typically work with service users in their own environment, seeing people frequently and staying in contact. Referrals are usually made by Community Mental Health Teams, early intervention and forensic teams. Find out more here.





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