0-25 Mental Health Services

Birmingham South Central, Birmingham CrossCity and Sandwell and West Birmingham Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) alongside Birmingham City Council have worked together to improve the Community Mental Health Services provided to children and young adults within the Birmingham area.

We appointed Forward Thinking Birmingham to provide the new community mental health services for children and young adults aged up to 25. The new service will start to go live from October 2015 and will be fully operational by the end of March 2016. This partnership is led by Birmingham Children's Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, which is working with Worcestershire Health and Care NHS Trust, Priory Health Care, Beacon UK and The Children's Society. It offers a completely new way of providing mental health services and has some creative solutions to making services accessible to young people.

Emotional and mental wellbeing is a critical part of all our health, especially for children and young adults. Around half of all mental health illnesses begin by 14 years of age and three-quarters by 24 years. We need to identify mental health issues as early as possible to ensure the best outcomes for our children and young adults. We're proud that we've worked with patients to create a ground-breaking new community mental health service in Birmingham for children and young adults aged up to 25. 

Forward Thinking Birmingham’s service is based around prevention, choice and personalised care. Its innovative approach and range of entirely new services and facilities, are focused around the individual needs of 0-25-year-olds, which will radically change the way that mental health is viewed and delivered in Birmingham.

A single 24/7 phone number will enable immediate access to experts who will support children, young people, young adults, families and health professionals in getting the services they need seamlessly. This could be from online and flexible support in the community to home-based care and urgent services. The new service will ensure that they no longer get 'lost in the system’ thanks to the provision of a state-of-the-art integrated ‘one care plan’ patient management system, which they can access themselves for the first time.

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