Anticoagulation Patient Information LeafletAnticoagulation care is changing

The care that stable anticoagulation patients receive in Birmingham is changing in order to improve the quality of services on offer and give more access to clinics in the community.

Starting from January 2015, patients will be given the opportunity to choose where they want to receive their care for routine monitoring. Clinics will offer support to patients to help them make this decision, as well as managing all the arrangements if patients wish to attend a different clinic.

Patients should continue to present their yellow books so these can be updated and these changes will not affect any other services that anticoagulation patients receive from their GP.

Anticoagulation care will also be available to house bound patients, who are recommended to select the clinic located closest to their home.

GPs will be informed if patients decide to change their clinic and after each appointment at the new anticoagulation clinic GPs will be informed of the outcome.

Patients whose international normalisation ratio (INR) becomes unstable, or who are considered to have ‘complex’ anticoagulation needs, may need to be referred to hospital by their anticoagulation service.

If you would like more information on anticoagulation clinics call Birmingham CrossCity CCG on 0121 255 0520.

If you would like more information watch the short video below or read these documents:


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