Our Work

Our Work imageOur vision is that by 2019 we will offer fully integrated, sustainable health and social care services so that every patient in Birmingham receives proactive, joined up care resulting in the best possible outcome.

We want people to live as independently as possible and to live longer and healthier lives. To achieve our vision for patient focused care, we have five strategic priorities:

  • To develop primary care
  • To join up primary and secondary care
  • To transform the way our urgent care system currently operates
  • To make a big change in quality and access to mental health services
  • To improve children’s and maternity services.

Underpinning these priorities, and at the heart of everything we aspire to, are quality and equity. We want to commission high quality services while addressing health inequalities and inequity in provision. This means fair access to services for all.

The Better Care Fund (BCF) will support the delivery of our vision. This is a single pooled budget to support health and social care services to work more closely together in local areas. Working with partner organisations we will improve the health and wellbeing of our most vulnerable older people and the resilience of our health and care system.

We also want to achieve 'parity of esteem' and will focus on improving both mental and physical health. This means treating mental health disorders or conditions as equal to physical health illnesses.

We will achieve our vision through:

  • Offering everyone high quality, accessible primary care
  • Better community provision
  • Excellent and responsive mental health care
  • Commissioning elective care based on achieving better outcomes from interventions
  • Joining the whole health and social care system through a single, look-up access to patient information
  • An urgent care system that is easy to access

This will enable us to reduce acute hospital beds for elective (planned) and non-elective (unplanned) activity and increase community capacity, ensuring we create a sustainable health and social care system.

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