Healthwatch Birmingham launches video campaign to promote patient feedback

Healthwatch Birmingham has launched a new video series to raise awareness of the simple ways people can share their experiences of local services.

“We know that people are passionate about their health and social care services. Therefore, it is important that patients and the public have a range of accessible and engaging information about how they can share their views”.

“We want to encourage more people across the city to share their experiences, whether good or bad, about the quality of care they are receiving. The videos detail how people can feedback, what services they can talk to us about, and the types of issues they can tell us about. We also want more people to understand how their views can contribute to the improvement of local services”.

“Patients across Birmingham are experiencing a range of care quality in health and social care. By speaking to Healthwatch Birmingham, people’s views can help us understand how groups within communities are experiencing services differently. This could be based on where they live, their age, race, health or care condition, or life stage. We also hope the videos will help service user groups and organisations in health and social care to gain a greater understanding of our role”.

For more information about Healthwatch Birmingham and to watch all of their campaign videos, visit their website by clicking here

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