Strategic Patient Partners

strategic partnersStrategic Patient Partners (SPPs) provide the highly engaged and strategic patient voice. SPPs have and will emerge through a number of ways such as highly engaged members of the People’s Health Panel, Chairs and Members of PPGs.

SPPs have a keen interested in all aspects of health. They have an established relationship with the CCG, and they are invited to take part in the vast majority of engagement opportunities.

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Two of our SPPs tell us why they got involved below.

John O’Donnell
John O

I am a retired engineering and marketing executive for the motor industry.

I became involved with the following health related initiatives through my personal family experience:

• Downs Syndrome
• Respiratory Illness
• Special Needs Care
• Palliative and End of Life Care
• Mental Health Care, (particularly Learning Difficulties)
• Alzheimer's and Dementia treatment and care
• Care in the Community particularly, the Patient Experience

Because of my family experiences, I felt there was a need for the patient voice to be represented and so became involved with the following:

• I am a member of my Patient Participation Group at my GP Practice.
• I am a member of Birmingham Community Healthcare NHS Trust, Public Members Research Support Group.
• I am a Strategic Patient Partner of NHS Birmingham CrossCity CCG.
• I am an associate member of Solihull Patient Network

It really is my domestic background, as opposed to my professional/working background, that I have become “hooked” on the “poorly patient”, and their need to have a voice. I’m an interested carer, who has found navigating a path through the muddle which is Our NHS, fascinating. But for some patients, it’s frustrating.

I’d like to help change that.

Bernadette Aucott


I retired from the NHS in 2011

After retirement I became a volunteer at University Hospital Birmingham (QE) on the Patient & Carer Council, which involved talking to patients.

I have personal experience of various health issues:

• Cardiac
• Diabetes
• Glaucoma
• Cancer
• Learning difficulties
• End of Life / Bereavement Care
• Respiratory
• Dementia / Alzheimer’s
• Elderly Care

I felt there was a need for the patient voice to be heard, a patient’s viewpoint is not necessarily a clinicians, and so I became involved with the following, hoping to make a difference:

• Hospital Governor
• Vice Chair Patient Participation Group
• Strategic Patient Partner with NHS Birmingham CrossCity CCG
• Associate of Solihull Patient Network
Through these organisations I am invited to participate in a number of patient related initiatives and am able to put a patient’s point of view.

I think we need more patient involvement and from a wider range of ages and diversity, in order to fully represent all patients in Birmingham.

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