Mumtaz Hussain - Lay Advisor

Mumtaz Hussain is Head of Department for Postgraduate and Professional Law at the University of Wolverhampton Law School, where she has worked since September 1996. Prior to joining the university, she was a solicitor for several years and practiced in the area of civil law, including medical law. She has experience of resource management and allocation, budgeting, strategic planning and staff appraisal.

In 2011 she set up and ran the University of Wolverhampton Legal Advice Centre. This initiative enlisted the participation of local businesses, public sector organisations and law firms to provide access to justice for the local community and practical legal education for students.

Mumtaz is currently a Local Education Authority governor at Nelson Mandela Primary School in Sparkbook, Birmingham, where she participates on the finance, staffing and procurement committees, as well being a member of the full governing body. In addition, Mumtaz served as a lay governor for approximately six years on the Governing Board of a local further education college in Birmingham.

A local resident and user of the NHS services in Birmingham, she is keen to make a positive contribution towards future planning and delivery of health care, ensuring they are of a high standard, effective and good value for local communities.