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Lessons in leadership

NHSCC quote Dr Barbara King

Gender inequality in the NHS is a persistent problem. Despite women making up 77 per cent of the healthcare workforce, women continue to be under represented in senior level positions of the NHS.

Only 37 per cent of clinical commissioning group (CCG) leadership on governing bodies are women, and in the case of trusts, women make up just 28 per cent of chair positions.

NHS Clinical Commissioners’ (NHSCC) report last year, Women in clinical commissioning leadership: A case for change, explored some of the potential root causes of gender inequality and the actions that CCGs, NHSCC, NHS England and the wider health system can take to improve gender balance.

Dr Barbara King, NHS Birmingham CrossCity CCG's Clinical Accountable Officer, said: "As a leader I have a role to play in encouraging the next generation of female clinical leaders."

You can read more in the Lessons in leadership from women clinical commissioners report from NHS Clinical Commissioners.

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