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Dementia Awareness Week 19th – 25th May 2013

One in three people over the age of 65 have dementia and the number is increasing as people live longer.Dementia is a disease of the brain and affects everyone differently.

It is progressive – it starts off with very mild symptoms and gets worse over time so it can be difficult to diagnose.Signs and Symptoms of Dementia:

  • Struggling to remember recent events or people's names
  • Finding it hard to follow conversations or TV programmes
  • Repeating yourself or losing the thread of what you’re saying
  • Difficulty concentrating, thinking things through or following instructions
  • Feeling confused even when in a well-known place
  • Becoming unusually anxious, depressed or agitated

 If you're worried that you, or someone close to you, may have dementia, it's important to talk about it.

Talk to your GP or call your local Alzheimer’s Society on Tel: 0121 706 4052, Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit www.alzheimers.org.uk

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